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Our New Work on Self-Adaptive Security for large-scale Open Environments

We are continuously progressing on the plan for strengthening our capabilities in Cyber Security. To achieve this goal, we have been not only building internal capabilities but also forming and leveraging strategic collaborations. Out of one of our recent collaborations, … Continue reading

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Search Engines for Web of Things (WoT)

Millions of objects are being connected to provide different services via the Web. This trend has led the paradigm of Web of Things (WoT), that can be searched and leveraged by uses (i.e., human or other systems/machines). One of the … Continue reading

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Modeling Security-Sensitive Architecture of Systems-of-Systems

An increasing number of software systems are considered Software Intensive Systems of Systems (SiSoS), which consist of dozens of constituent systems. Systems are interconnected using private or public networks, which can be prime target for security attacks. Hence, securing SiSoS … Continue reading

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Security and Privacy Challenges of Interconnected Systems

People and organisations are becoming heavily reliant on hyper-connected, hyper-virtulised, and hyper-mobile systems. Such systems are also called blended systems, where ┬ámillions (or even billions) or devices, software, people, and physical objectives (so-called everything) are connected with each other through … Continue reading

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Leveraging Activity Based Computing and Cloud Computing for Global Software Engineering

We have been working on exploring the use of activity based computing for guiding the design and development of next generation of tools for supporting software engineering in general and global software engineering in particular. At the same time, we … Continue reading

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Architecting for Clouds-enabled Software Systems

Our research team at ITU ended the busy month of August with hosting a very interesting 2 days cloud compputing workshop, which was designed to initiate a collaborative network of researchers from Nordic region, China, Japan, and Brazil in order … Continue reading

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NxGT for GSD

Organizations are increasingly adopting geographically distributed development models, which are commonly known as Global Software Development or Global Software Engineering (GSE). There are many forms of GSD such as outsourcing, offshoring, nearshoring, software ecosystems, distributed development centres, and strategic alliances … Continue reading

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