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Engineering Data-Driven Secure Software Services

Big Data Systems (BDS) (i.e., data-intensive applications) have become one of the key priority areas for all sorts of organizations. We have been conducting R&D on different aspects of Data intensive applications in general and on security oriented solutions in … Continue reading

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Adaptive Architectures for Cyber Security Analytics Systems

It is becoming quite hard to imagine software systems that wouldn’t need adaptation as part of their runtime requirements. With the increasing demand for adaptivity by design, the knowledge and skills in this area are lagging far behind. Cyber Analytics … Continue reading

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A Systematic Horizon Scan of Security Orchestration Approaches and Tools

An increasing number of organisations focusing on security orchestration approaches and solutions to automate the processes of their Security Operation Centre (SOC). There are hundreds of approaches and tools to support security orchestration, hence, practitioners find it hard to access … Continue reading

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