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A Systematic Horizon Scan of Security Orchestration Approaches and Tools

An increasing number of organisations focusing on security orchestration approaches and solutions to automate the processes of their Security Operation Centre (SOC). There are hundreds of approaches and tools to support security orchestration, hence, practitioners find it hard to access … Continue reading

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Architecting for Continuous Delivery and Deployment

Continuous Software Engineering has been gaining signifiant momentum in terms of widespread adoption among large and small Software houses. This paradigm shift is based on the promise of early, frequent delivery and deployment of software features and continuous feedback on … Continue reading

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A 360 Review on Continuous Integration, Delivery, and Deployment

The increasing amount of literature on Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery (CDE), and Continuous Deployment (CD) has stimulated the need and desire of secondary studies. Recently, there have been several reviews published on CI, CDE, and CD, mostly in Software … Continue reading

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Security Support in Continuous Deployment Pipeline

Continuous Software Engineering has gained significant attraction in the software development industry. One of the key areas of Continuous Software Engineering is Development and Operation (DevOps) – according to which development and operations teams are brought together for better coordination, … Continue reading

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The Role of Site Visits in Software Engineering Teams

A large number of Software Engineering teams are virtual, which are characterised by various types of distances such geographical, culture, temporal, and knowledge. Such distances can cause a number of small and big challenges that lead sub-optimal development teams or … Continue reading

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Australasian Software Engineering Conference Coming to Adelaide

After several months of deliberations and discussions, I’m glad to announce that finally Australasian Software Engineering Conference (ASWEC) will be coming to Adelaide in late September this year; the exact dates are September 28 to October 1 2015. ASWEC will … Continue reading

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Research Methods for Software Engineering Students

The Software Engineering community is increasingly recognising the value of empirical evidence to support research and practice. Empirical evidence provides a means to evaluate the utility of promising research areas and to help practitioners to make informed technology adoption decisions. … Continue reading

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