Our New Work on Self-Adaptive Security for large-scale Open Environments

We are continuously progressing on the plan for strengthening our capabilities in Cyber Security. To achieve this goal, we have been not only building internal capabilities but also forming and leveraging strategic collaborations. Out of one of our recent collaborations, with Giannis and Rami, in the areas of Cyber Security has resulted a high quality piece of work that has been accepted in a highly profile journal, ACM Computing Survey. The abstract of this paper is below and can provide some useful insights to the potential readers of this work. We are hoping that this piece of work will lead to systematic classification and comparison of architectural level Cyber Security Solutions and develop and evaluate new techniques, approaches, and tools for designing and evaluating security centric large scale distributed systems. Below is the abstract from the paper.

Contemporary software systems operate in heterogeneous, dynamic, and distributed environments, where security needs change at runtime. The security solutions for such systems need to be adaptive for the continuous satisfaction of the software systems’ security goals. Whilst the existing research on self-adaptive security has made notable advancement towards designing and engineering self-adaptive security solutions, there exists little work on the taxonomic analysis of the architectures of the reported research and its applicability for open and ultra large environments. We propose an architecture-centric taxonomy for mapping and comparing the current research and identifying the future research directions in this field. The proposed taxonomy has been used to review the representative work on the architectural characteristics that self-adaptive security systems must maintain for their effective application in large-scale open environments. We reflect on the findings from the taxonomic analysis and discuss the design principles, research challenges and limitations reported in the-state-of-the-art and practice. We outline the directions for the future research on architectural level support for self-adaptive security systems for large-scale open environments.

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