Integration challenges in ISS and OSS

Companies are showing great interest in adopting the processes, practices, and tools being used by Open Source Software (OSS); this phenomenon has come to known as Inner Source Software (ISS). While this phenomenon brings several known benefits of the OSS inside a corporate software development arena, unfortunately, the software developed using ISS also poses the integration challenges which are quite similar to those which practitioners face when they try to integrate OSS in their in-hourse developed software. This is one of the areas being explored through the PhD research of Klaas-Jan who is being supervised by Paris, Brian, and myself. We have recently published a paper in Information and Software Technology journal describing a number of challenges and approaches to address the integration challenges when following ISS phenomenon. Our article titled, A comparative study of challenges in integrating Open Source Software and Inner Source Software, also compares the ISS integration challenges and approaches with the challenges related to development with OSS products reported in the literature. The reported findings are based on a systematic literature review and a case study based on the qualitative data gathered from a company which has been successfully following the ISS for several years.

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